Decisions, DARKLING, & Dolls

(This was originally posted to my Tumblr account.)

I still haven’t decided if I want to keep my blogspot blog, create a wordpress blog, or just use Tumblr & Twitter for everything. I don’t exactly keep up with my blog right now; life and actually writing my novels get in the way. I do have followers at my blog (through my other google+ account, found via the other blog posts), though, as opposed to [Tumblr]. Not important except if someone is interested in knowing more about my main novel I’m writing, DARKLING.

It’s an YA Fantasy set in 21st century America (I guess it could be considered, possibly, Urban Fantasy just without fairies, vampires, werewolves, and the like). DARKLING has an array of new monsters, a scarred chick who can run in high heels, creepy bad guys, and the slightly geeky-techno-nerd-with-a penchant-for-trouble-ex-boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the classics and that’s what DARKLING (then titled Hunted / Devour / Dancing Demons ) originally revolved around. It’s a bittersweet realization to know that those earlier version were, in fact, cliche and cookie-cutter. I always knew something was missing, that those versions just didn't add up. Whether this version will add up to lit agents and publishing houses standards, I'm not sure. Guess we'll see when the time is right. However, I'm happy with what those versions have evolved into, which is DARKLING 

It’s essentially a completely different story but with the same CORE. Yeah, that wouldn’t make much sense to me either if I’d read that. The plot, story-line, and even characters (to a degree) have changed. I can’t say too much without giving it away, and once I finish all the revisions and edits I WILL either traditionally publish or go the indie route.

What I can say is Amberlyn (the protag) has worked hard to make this story into what is it, and has never given up getting me to tell it. The least I can do is never give up on her, finally get the first part of her story out there, and the entire thing finished. (Meaning there’s a planned total of four novels for Amberlyn’s OVER ALL character and story arc). I’m excited & so is she :).

Something else I’m excited over… Amberlyn in doll form! No, I’m not actually sculpting a doll. Don’t get too excited. I had planned too, once I eventually honed the sculpting skill (yeah, I’m adventurous like that, whoo), BUT I saw the Doll Chateau Christina head and… I won’t say fell in love because I’m not in love with Amberlyn, but Doll Chateau Christina is almost a dead ringer for what I envisioned Amberlyn looking as. Makes it difficult if I ever do decide to sculpt my own Amberlyn, BUT impulse got the better of me. Soo… wait for it…

I now have a Doll Chateau Christina head on layaway with Mint on Card! (wait until she has a face-up to look like Amberlyn!) They’re so awesome they even do custom face-ups if you order through them, which I’m getting for my DC Christina head to make her Amberlyn.

Pretty awesome in my book. Not to mention their customer service is superb. I’ll definitely go through them for my other dolly purchases unless they don’t sell the brand I’m after (like Resinsouls). I’ll start rambling if I’m not careful about how awesome they’ve been so far, but I’ll save that for when I actually get my Christina head in. This post is already long enough. But seriously they’re awesome. I haven’t decided on a permanent body for her yet, but when I do it’s Mint on Card I’m going through. (until I can decide which body I want to invest that kind of money in, I might just get a Mirodoll body. They’re cheapest and I can also use it for any other floating heads I purchase in the future,) All that for later though, when I actually have doll head Amberlyn aka DC Christina head in possession.

But I think I’ve rambled on enough today. Until next time!

~ Katie S. Taylor