Yup, Definitely Need a Helmet for Life

So, forget everything I said in my last post. Life sucks. Enough said. I'll save the big sob story of why I've been MIA. Psychos, divorce, and having to move does that. But I'm finally ready to start the new chapter of my life. No expectations. Just writing and trying to be the best person I can be. I'm not worried about love and romance - quite frankly, it hates me. Just being an awesome mom and working on my writing.

As far as the writing goes, I've rewritten the beginning of DD again. I like it tons better. I've also changed the mythology of the creatures and all that good jazz. Bye, bye vampires. You are now merely minor characters. Something bigger and better has taken your place. Sending it off for the first round of feedback. Critique partners = awesome. Making mental note to get more. MIA-ness kind of jilts those sort of things.

So no promises of what will come. Just know that I'm writing, working on being happy, and most importantly being a mom. I'll update when I can. Until then!