Infamous Love Triangle - A Vlog

My thoughts on the infamous love triangle. Originally posted to my YouTube channel. Sorry for the rushed nature of it. I do plan on doing a follow up.

Love triangles are tricky things to write well, and I really do applaud those who pull it off. I don't mind reading them so long as they are done well. It's just I simply have no wish to write one. (Watch me end up eating my words when one of my characters gets a wild hair up their bums!). I write to escape reality. It's my way of escaping the harsh realities of life. Writing is my playground, and on my playground I only want to relax and have fun :) Love triangles have the opposite effect for me, personally. :/.

As mentioned in the video, my own love life is a right mess. So while I might not necessarily write happily ever afters for my characters; rest assure they'll still be madly in love throughout the hell they go through. More or less, lol. Again, just wait until one of my characters makes me eat my words. The jerks.

I'm cutting this short tonight. Until next time!

Katie S. Taylor