Lemon after Lemon - How About Some Strawberries!

Life has an uncanny way of screwing things up. No worries, this isn't a coming back rant moaning my woes to the world. More of an apology for completely disappearing. Not my intention. One crappy thing happened, and it seemed after the landslide followed.

I'm putting faith in the Big Guy Above that the streak of sourness is soon to be over. Quite frankly, I need faith. I'm at a point in my life where it's of the utmost importance.

I did manage to finish the first draft of Dancing Demons - whoot! Downside, I haven't been able to finish its revisions. Baby is all better now - she had the flu - and now I'm working on despoiling her a bit so she's not so literally attached to my hip. She eight months and I'm starting to worry I'm spoiling her too much. It's easy to do, though.

Anyway, hopefully this is the first in many more posts to come. I'm going to try to post at least once a week. I won't promise more.

More about writing and the ups-and-downs of life and how to get past it soon to come!!

Thanks to everyone who has followed the blog and hasn't un-followed because of my absence. You guys are the best =)



randi lee said...

Life just happens to get in the way sometimes, no need to apologize for it. Congrats on the writing milestone! :)