Insomnia Ramble 1

Iron Man 2 is playing and everyone is asleep. Except me. Insomnia, or something like it. When thoughts I want nothing to do with plague me.  It's at night when I think about everything I don't want to remember or face, and when I do fall asleep, it's there. Haunting my dreams.  The chaos that distrupts life, makes you second guess everything.

They say all that about idle hands, but silence is the devil's true playground. All those horrible things you don't want to think about - its gets in your head and won't let you go. Driving you crazy. Making you wonder things you shouldn't. It's tough, but I like to believe I'm tougher - in the words of Amberlyn Winters, woman power; hear me roar and all that jazz. But sometimes, it just really sucks trying to be tough. Exhuasting. But something keeps me going. My family needs me; Cecily especially. An innocent in it all and so very precious to me. She's my most wonderful gift. So I have to keep going. For her and for my husband. It'd be selfish otherwise.



Adventures in YA Publishing said...

Love this: Silence is the devil's true playground!

Hang in there!