A New Approach

I've decided to use a new approach for writing. Before in the recent past, I was very meticulous with details and all that good jazz. I had to get everything down, even the slightest facial expression. Things that would get omitted out in the final draft (not all, but a good bit of it). I did this partly because if I read over it while writing and the details and everything weren't there, if the writing wasn't done to the T, then it wasn't good. Discouragement would follow, and no one likes that. Even knowing it was a first draft and most of it would change, I still wrote this way. And it would take forever.

Recently, I've come to the realization I don't need to have every minuscule detail the first draft around. Actually, I don't need every minuscule detail period. Now, I have a soft spot for detail - I think it can really set the mood if done right - but how much does one really need? Especially on first go around.

Now as I write my first drafts, I'm getting the story down. Get the story down, the main story, then go back and polish it up. Add the finer touches. Show it a little TLC. Granted this new approach will be difficult at times because if I read over it before the draft is finished, I'll be like "really, I'm bothering myself with this piece of crap?" But I just have to remember it's a first draft. First drafts are allowed to be the epitome of suckiness. It's the final draft that matters.

I'm off for tonight. Be sure to check back in the 24th - I have something special in store. =)