A Special Interview with Sabrina from Quest of the Hart by Mary Waibel

Hello all, I've been lucky enough to score an interview with Sabrina, from Mary Waibel's Quest of the Hart. She's a fiesty one! Hope you enjoy! And be sure to visit Mary Waibel's blog - lots of great stuff over there.

Now, onto to the interview!

Me: I've made my way to the Stygian Swamp, home to Grizzelda, the witch, and her daughter Sabrina. (Sabrina steps outside with a basket slung over her arm.) Sabrina! Do you have a few minutes to talk?


Sabrina: As long as I can keep working while we talk.


Me: Wonderful. So, what are you doing?

S: (She cuts some flowers from the garden and lays them in the basket.) Gathering plants for making potions and spells.


(The door to the cottage opens and an old woman shuffles out.)


Grizzelda: I apologize for my daughter's lack of hospitality. Please, come in and enjoy a cup of tea with us.


Me: Thank you, but I need to get back to the castle soon. And, Sabrina was fine; I was enjoying the beauty of your garden.


G: What brings you to our home?


Me: I was wandering, looking for people to talk to about Prince Devlin and Princess Kaylee.


S: Ah, the pretty, girly-girl. (She rolls her eyes.)  Prince Devlin could do so much better than that weakling. He needs a strong woman at his side, not someone who looks like they need protecting from their own shadow.


G: Sabrina! You know better than to judge people by their looks. Princess Kaylee is much stronger than you give her credit for. Just you wait.


S: (She snorts.) I'll believe that when I see it. Are you certain you don't want some tea?


Me: Unfortunately I have some other people I need to see. Maybe another time?


G: Time is the key. Time and love. Yes, that is the answer.


S: But what was the question?


G: You will know when the princess comes.


Me: And we'll know when we read Quest of the Hart!