Celebrate the Milestones!

Today's post is less of a mood-downer. No worries. Actually I'm quite pleased with myself. I'm down to 89K in Dancing Demons. Not a big deal to some, but considering the original draft started out at 180K, and I NEVER thought I'd be able to lower it to a decent word count, it's a great milestone for me. I feel like it has a better chance at reaching readers too, because let's face it, anything over 100K is scary in the YA universe, and I can completely understand why.

With each revision, my writing gets tighter and the overall story has improved as well. I'm actually quite grateful for any rejections I received on it in the past. Comparing this version to the old drafts, I shudder to think of it in the hands of readers. So to any CP's who read the old version, I'm so sorry.

My characters have developed even more - namely Kaleb. His background was always a bit of a mystery, but he's finally whispered his secrets to me. And I gotta say, I'm pumped. He's one kick-butt dude, if I do say so myself. He's definitely not a white knight or prince charming. Then again, Dancing Demons isn't exactly a fairy-tale.

I just wonder how Amberlyn will react when everything comes to the light.

Until next time!