1st Person or 3rd Person POV - Which is Better?

Or does it even really matter?

It's a debate I'm currently wrestling with.  I'm half-way through with writing the first draft rewrite of DD, and after some feedback, am debating whether to change the POV.  Now, the original version of DD was written in 1st person.  However, when I finally decided to rewrite the entire thing after another long debate (seems a popular thing, aye?), I decided to change it to 3rd.  The sole reason: if I make it past the first book and can write more in the series, than I'll want to write from other POV's (mainly my main male lead - Kaleb).

But, as my wonderful CP pointed out, she thinks it would read better in 1st.  Even though it's in 3rd, she hears it in 1st.  So, I ask again: does it really matter?

To a point, I think so.  Neither one is better over the other, but depending on the story - and your characters and story will let you know - one does work better over the other.  So what I'm thinking is doing a few chapters in 1st person, let the CP read then, then decide which works better for DD.

Now, as far as reading goes, I used to be incredibly fond of 1st person thanks to Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Books. After that, it was all I wanted to read.  Now, though, I don't really have a preference other than I want a good story with good characters and a good plot. If I can get that, I'm happy. =).



Christina Jean Michaels said...

I'm a huge fan of 1st person. Like you, I faced the same dilemma with my WIP. I'd never written in first person before, but I wanted to try it, and I thought it might help me get into my female lead's head a little better. Turns out switching to first from third worked like a charm.