Ugh, I'm finally done with Chp 11 -

- And what a relief it is.  That sucker was one tough puppy to tame!  Not because I didn't have a direction, I did.  Rather... Oh, hell, I don't know why it was so difficult.  I think because I had worked on it for so long, and had such a difficult time getting the beginning right, that I just simply grew bored and wanted to move on to something else in the story.  I grew very restless, frustrated even.  Anyone know what I'm talking about here? 

Granted, I'm still not happy with the way it turned out; however, at least now I can go on with the story.  At least I have something down that I can go by.  When I finish the first draft, that's when I'll worry about how bad it sucks.  But, at least Amberlyn has finally discovered the skinny on Kaleb from Micah - sorta.  Seems, everything Micah has found thus far has only given her more questions to answer.  Before more people are killed.  And boy, is she feeling the crunch. 

At least I got the gist of that down.  Now, someone else just needs to die, the creepy agent to hound Am, then she can go out on  her "strictly friend date" with Noah.  Wonder what shady characters they'll  meet while out! =).  I can't wait to write it. 

I'm off!  Until later,



T C Mckee said...

Hey!!! You're doing the right thing. Just write it! get it all down. The rest can be worked out later. This is the best part. Just letting everything flow onto the screen. Don't pause, just roll on. Writing the first drafts are so much fun. It's the revisions that suck. Love the new blog.

T C Mckee said...

Hey!!! Love the new blog. You're doing the right thing. Just keep writing, keep going forward. The rest can be worked out later.

K.S. Pendergrass said...

Thanks, =)! I'm trying hard to make myself realize the first draft doesn't have to be "perfect," and that I can go back and buff it up (or down) later. Easier said than done, haha.