Ack - I'm Having A Name Delimma!

I can't decide what I want the creepy special agent's name to be.  Originally, it was Riggs, but I'm so 'ugh' over it.  It just seems too filler-name to me - like I just randomly picked it so I wouldn't have to bother to look for another, better name.  Slowly, it's annoyed me more and more, and now I just can't stand it.  It's not strong enough for me.  He's a creep, but he needs a stronger name.  I really like Rothenberg, but my problem with that is he's Southern!  How many Southerners do you know with the surname Rothenberg?!



So I thought about Radcliff(e).  It's okay, but I still really like Rothenberg for the name.  However, it just doesn't seem to fit with Riggs' accent, and that's how I hear his voice.  So there's no changing that.  He's old southern to the bone, with his y'alls, and gals, and all that good jazz.

But what is a name, really?  How important is it to the story?

My personal opinion: EXTREMELY.

If I don't have the right name, I can't go on.  That's why I'm so picky with the name game (also why it was so hard to name my little lovebug - it had to be perfect).  *Sigh* The things a writer puts him or herself through.  Some times I wonder why I do, but then I remember...

I <3 it. =)

Until next time!



Mary said...

Names are extremely important and worth the time to get right. It's okay to use one as a place saver until you find the perfect one. And when you find it, you know it. Just keep thinking, looking at those baby name books, and listening to your character.

SANTIAGO said...

I go through the same thing. I completely stop a project and start another one all because I can't come up with a name for my character. I disgust myself

Crystal Collier said...

Have you tried picking a state or city and looking up the phone book listing under "R"? Once that worked when my hubby and I couldn't agree on the surname for a key family. Good luck!